Host Business After Hours!

We are excited to work on this event with you! This event can be as expansive as you like. Planning is the key to making it successful! Start with expectations.

What outcome are you hoping for from this event?


What to Expect

Shortly after confirming your hosting date, we will set up an appointment to meet with you, gauge your expectations and outcomes, and start working to develop the event. You're not on your own! We put on a lot of events, and we're here to help!

Attendance: Depending on the time of year, you can expect anywhere from 50 - 80 individuals in attendance from across the business and organizational spectrum. These events are fun, casual, with a conversational atmosphere.

Attendees: Business After Hours includes many regular attendees who are active in the Chamber community, and - often - new businesses and organizations that are associated with your organization or business. The great thing about this is the exchange of ideas. A lot of business happens at Business After Hours, in a casual environment. We encourage everyone to bring a new business with them.

Food and Drinks: The event host provides the food and drink for the event. What you provide is entirely up to you. Typically, the host provides finger foods, deli trays, or even has local restaurants provide cocktail-style dishes for the event. People do not expect a meal. If you're providing alcoholic beverages (see below), you can purchase them yourself, go through a local pub for a pony keg, wine from a local vineyard, or purchase off the shelf. It's entirely up to you.

The Invitation Door Prize  We ask our Business After Hours hosts to attend the Business After Hours event the month prior to their own, to get a feel for how the event works, get a sense of it in their own space. Our new tradition - with a nod to keeping the Business After Hours community connected - is this: The Host of the following month's Business After Hours  provides a small ($25-30 value or similar) door prize to be drawn at the CURRENT month's Business After Hours Host, and invites the group to their upcoming Business After Hours.Make it as creative as you like, and include your marketing materials. 

Tips for Successful Events

  • Help us get the word out about your event
  • Add our Business After Hours Facebook Event to your Facebook Page (we can help you with this)
  • Send out a newsletter inviting colleagues and customers
  • Offer a door prize
  • Offer appetizers/light snacks preferably from another Chamber member or local vendor
  • Offer adult drinks/spirits (again, local goes great, folks love it!)
  • Background music: It has been proven that background music helps facilitate conversation. Make a playlist, have a sound system or invite a local band or musician to play!
  • Personally invite your colleagues and customers!
  • More tips on hosting a successful networking event here!

Promote Early!

We'll setup your event on Facebook and other social media platforms, with you as a co-host. We advertise and get the information to local media outlets. You can help expand our reach by sharing our event with your social media groups, emails, and so forth. We will talk to you about any targeted invitations you'd like us to help coordinate. The personal invitation always works best - we do a lot of that on our "beat," but you can help by just telling your clients and customers about your event.

Partner Up, Split the Cost!

You can partner with area restaurants for food, or a brewery, winery to act as "co-sponsors" of your event. In the past, we have had Business After Hours events that included food and appetizers provided by another organization or the restaurants themselves, and liquor/spirits/beer provided by a local brewery/winery or paid for by another organization. This can enhance the event quite a bit, spread the costs, and benefit your co-sponsors through exposure via our event marketing. If you plan to do this, please let us know who your co-sponsors are and we will get in touch with them for logos to include in our promotion!

Be FAB! Featured Area Business

We will run a dedicated, intensive five-day blast on social media in the days leading up to your event! Check out our Featured Area Business (FAB) Social Media Promotion.  Note: This promotion is free to Executive Premier Members and above. Standard Premier members may purchase this promotion for $135.

The Special Event Permit

We require a special event permit through the City of Cortez in order to serve alcoholic beverages.  The special event permit application must be submitted to the City of Cortez no later than 10 days prior to the City Council meeting preceding your event. Basically, we like to get it in a full 30 days before your event. The cost of a Special Event permit is $100. We will invoice your organization this cost and take care of all of the paperwork for you.
Once we apply for the permit, a poster must be displayed to the public at your location to announce your event, and the date on which the Cortez City Council will be considering your permit application.You do not have to show up to the Council meeting regarding your special event. We will take care of all of the paperwork for your event, and coordinate any other needs with the City of Cortez.
For the Special Event Permit, we will need:

1.  An email from you (you can copy and paste the sample below), stating that you agree to allow us to serve liquor on your premises. Please complete and send the following email to

Dear Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce:

Please accept this email confirming that (your business name) is aware of and in favor of the serving of alcohol on our premises during the Cortez Chamber After Hours event on (date of event)

Your Name
Business Name
Full Business Address
Business Phone

2. A hand-drawn map of your building or offices, showing the outside DOORS, RESTROOMS, and where the BAR AND SERVICE AREA will be.

3. A check for $100 We can invoice you - please ask.