Dues & Listing Options

Business Member Listing Options

Basic Listing: With your yearly dues, your business will receive the following benefits:

  • Business name, address, and phone number displayed in the Business Directory search results
  • Eight keywords for search engine optimization
  • Hot Deals: advertise special promotions to increase your business
  • Hyperlink to your own member information page that includes: business description, hours of operation, driving directions and a link to your business website as well as social media links

Enhanced Listing: (an additional $25/month*): along with the benefits of the Basic Listing, Enhanced Listings receive the following benefits:

  • YouTube video link
  • Photo gallery
  • Additional business description
  • Links to your social networking
  • Member information Page logo
  • Twenty keywords instead of eight to increase search engine optimization
  • Map image selection
  • QR code addition
  • Priority placement in the Business Directory: member businesses with Priority Placement rotate at the top of the list amongst all other member businesses with Priority Placement in their business category. Those without Priority Placement rotate below those with Priority Placement among those member businesses that do not have Priority Placement.

* If paid in full for the year then the 12th month is free

Banner Advertising

Members may chose an additional advertising option in the form of a banner ad that will display on their member category page. This is available for $300/year or $160/6 months

Annual Dues: 2013



1 to 5 FTEs * and single owner


6 to 10 FTEs


11 to 20 FTEs


21 to 30 FTEs


31 to 50 FTEs


51 to 100 FTEs


101 to 250 FTEs


251 FTEs and over


* FTE = full time employee equivalents

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