The Cortez Area is known for it’s superlative weather and has been assigned a comfort index of 80 by Sperling’s Best Places (US average is 44; this index factors in afternoon temperatures along with humidity levels). 

With over 240 sunny days per year, the Cortez Area is a magnet for those who enjoy the outdoors, whether through recreation, photography or peaceful and quiet relaxation.

Because elevation in our area ranges from 5,200 feet to over 13,000 feet temperatures can cover a wide range from day to night, especially during the spring and fall months and with any weather changes. The key to comfort and preparedness in Colorado is layering!

Below are some averages for temperature & precipitation in our area. Be aware that these are based on an average elevation of 6200 feet. The average annual precipitation is 13”/year with annual snowfall at 42”/year.

The average annual growing season is 125 days although there are a number of microclimates in this area creating numerous unique gardening opportunities. Our area encompasses on average USDA gardening zones 6 & 7.