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With it's spectacular scenery and lighting, the Cortez Area has long been a draw for artists and inspired their creativity. Early evidence can be seen in the artifacts of the ancient puebloan people, many which can be viewed at Mesa Verde National Park and the Anasazi Heritage Center. These traditions have continued and flourished as seen in beautiful Native American jewelry, rugs, pottery, carvings, etc. At Notah Dineh Store & Museum in Cortez, you can see an extensive collection of historic Native American art and artifacts including the largest known Two Grey Hills rug, woven from 1957-1960 by Navajo weaver Rachel Curley. 

Today, many artists call this area home, some whose work remains mostly local while others have work that reaches around the world. Meet a few of the amazing artists who call the Cortez Area home.

Veryl Goodnight is a sculptor and painter whose striking large and small scale sculptures have been installed at the George Bush Presidential Library and the Miyame Building in Tokyo, Japan.

Jerry Cohoe is a Navajo artist whose beautifully detailed drawings and paintings are inspired by the people and surroundings of the Great Dine Nation.

Karen Kristin moved to this area from Las Vegas and is known for her incredibly realistic Sky Art. She has created large scale murals as far as Macao, Asia at the Venitian Macao Resort Hotel.

Large scale colorful murals created by local artists can be seen arund town and are a welcome addition to the arts community.

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