Fishing is a beloved pastime in our area and there are numerous locations where you can go. Whether you prefer the comfort of a boat floating on peaceful McPhee reservoir or other local lakes or you enjoy flyfishing in a cold mountain stream, you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience and beauty of the area. 

It is necessary to have a license to fish in all public lakes, streams and reservoirs. They can be obtained at a variety of stores around town for 1 or 5 days. For recorded information on fishing in southwest Colorado you can call 303-291-7539 (available April through September) 

Visit the following sites for more information on local fishing spots

Here are excellent maps of local fishing spots courtesy of Mesa Verde Country

Overview & Species
Fishing Map: Mancos & McPhee Area

This includes information on Jackson, Summit, Puett, Jow Moore, Narraguinnep and McPhee Reservoirs

Fishing Map: Dolores River Area

This includes information on Groundhog Reservoir and the North Fork of the Dolores

Keep our waters safe from unwanted guests!

Pre-inspection is required for trailered watercraft prior to launch. For more information visit and