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About Us

Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 

The Chamber’s Board of Directors is comprised of executives and owners from small, medium and large businesses, representing a variety of industries. The Board meets monthly to discuss Chamber initiatives and programs, and address issues that impact the business community and the state. By guiding the Chamber and determining what actions should be taken on behalf of our members and the Cortez business community, they provide a crucial role in the Chamber's success.

Our Story

Founded in 1939, the Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce has been serving the community for over 83 years. 

The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce has evolved from simply the protection and promotion of commerce to  strengthen business, foster economic growth and many of the things presented on this website. The primary function of protecting commerce remains the same, but it is interesting to follow the changes and adaptations of chamber functions through the years as CACC has adjusted to the changing needs of cortez business community. Today the role of our chamber of commerce has expanded to address socioeconomic concerns and social needs, workforce, marketing, training, technical support and representation of all forms of business.

For last few decades, the Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC) has remained the business resource center to ensure all local businesses succeed so they can thrive long-term, create jobs and contribute to the community’s economic growth and vitality.

As a chamber we are here to aid, support, promote small businesses and is the backbone of our local economy. Our Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce is a 501c6 non-profit organization. Our organization’s mission is to focus on increasing, enhancing, and sustaining economic vitality and diversity in Cortez and much of Montezuma County. Our mission statement is, “…to strengthen business to promote a prosperous community for all who work, visit or pass through our area…”Historically, and to this day, the Chamber of Commerce remains the most trusted source of information on local businesses and services and the most dependable ally in commerce. There is not a better partner for success than your local Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce.

Meet The Board of Directors 



Meet our dedicated team and staff of the Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce.

You can get in contact with the chamber at or call (970)565-3414. 

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